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Kleiner Stand


Der leichteste ultra-portable Notenständer. Je.Robuster und langlebiger Notenständer hält alle Medien in verschiedenen Höhen und Winkeln, lässt sich aber klein genug zusammenkla...

Verkäufer: Noisy Clan

Produktart: Music Stand




Kollektionen: Startseite

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Der leichteste ultra-portable Notenständer. Je.

Robuster und langlebiger Notenständer hält alle Medien in verschiedenen Höhen und Winkeln, lässt sich aber klein genug zusammenklappen, um in Ihre Tasche zu passen!

Wee Stand ist voll einstellbar. Medienplatte kann in jedem Winkel geneigt werden. Wee Stand kann im Tischmodus bis zur Stehhöhe mit fünf Höhen dazwischen verwendet werden. Mit einem Gewicht von gerade einmal 560 Gramm (20oz)Die Kohlefaserbeine von Wee Stand können ein Gewicht von bis zu 10 kg tragen. Die Medienplatte kann 630 g bei 90 Grad und 800 g bei 45 Grad tragen.


Gewicht kg (lbs)

0,56 (~1,23)

Länge (geschlossen) mm (Zoll)

293 (1)

Breite (geschlossen) (mm)


Tiefe (geschlossen) (mm)


Mindest. Regalhöhe (mm)


Maximale Regalhöhe (mm)


Maximale Gewichtskapazität (kg)

bis zu 10


Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Dr Blues
Ingenious but far from ideal

This stand is marvelously engineered. It's amazingly compact and portable. However, I have a couple of reservations about it.

1. Its core strength (its weight) is also its most serious liability. It's very easy to knock over. If you're practicing or performing outside, a stiff breeze can topple it.
2. the leg extensions are a problem. A number of reviewers described this, and they're right. They're a challenge to put into place.
3. the desk is fine for single sheets. However, anything substantial (like a book or even an iPad) renders it top-heavy and unstable. You've got to use the solution they've built in---hang something like a backpack between the legs using the strap that they provide.
4. single pages hold in place with clips. Page turning is almost impossible while playing because you need to release the clips.
5. it takes a while to figure out how to get the legs extended to equal lengths.

All things considered, it's a worthwhile purchase. I use it in a spare room at a relative's house when I'm there, and it's perfect for that. I would not risk an iPad on it unless you use a very good counterweight (like a backpack containing a few books. As I said, its engineering design is a marvel of lightweight portability. I am looking forward to a new product that NoisyClan is said to be developing which will apparently be more substantial. I would definitely buy it, after my experience with this.

Jeff Bennett
Love the Wee Stand

Great concept and product.
My only suggestion is improving the telescoping legs -
A strong tug is required to keep the legs extended; I'm not confident that they are going to stay securely extended causing my ipad to fall and potentially break.
Likewise, when folding it up, it's a little bit of a chinese puzzle to get all 3 legs collapsed and popped back into place.
The product is quality and I will use it a good bit.

Michael Axelrod
Just received my wee stand, but clearly is defective

When I pull the legs taught the segments (especially the first segment) do not extend to equal lengths. The first segment of the left side vs the right side alone is off by 1". Other segments are unequal as well. when the stand is fully set up it tilts to one side. It tilts enough to be seriously unusable and unreliable. I double checked that I was fully tensioning the legs as the instruction video shows. I am also pulling and not twisting. I like the idea of this but for this much money I expect better QA in production. I am hoping Noisy Clan makes this for right for me.

Richard Baldwin
Great stand due to size and weight.

It is not for windy conditions but works well for every day busking.

Paul Huang
Nice stand, easy set up, light and compact

Very ingenious design, it literally takes just a few seconds to set up and break down, really light and compact. I actually ended up receiving 3 of these - there were some manufacturing issues with the first two, but customer support was top notch and the items were replaced quickly without issues. The legs let you adjust the height to 6 different levels. Fully extended is pretty easy, but I found setting up intermediate heights to be a little fussy since the legs are not locked into place and freely slide in and out until the stand is in its final position. The various heights are also fixed (rather than variable) so depending on your height and the height of your chair and instrument, you may find the height of the stand to be a touch high or low. You can compensate by tilting the stand, so if the height is a little low, a small tilt gives you a clear view of your music, but looking down over a long period of time tends to make my neck and shoulders sore, so I prefer my music at eye level, but that is obviously a personal preference and you may not find this to be an issue. These are the two main reasons I’m giving this 4 rather than 5 stars. Overall, this is a pretty unique product and I am satisfied with this purchase. I again want to emphasize that support is top notch if you have any problems.