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Wee Stand

Wee Stand

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The lightest ultra-portable music stand. Ever.


  • PATENTED PORTABLE MUSIC STAND FITS IN YOUR POCKET – The Red Dot 2022 Award winning compact sized music stand. When stored Wee Stand is tiny, has no sharp edges and safely accompanies your instrument wherever you play.


  • TABLETOP TO FULL STANDING - Wee Stand holds your music just where you want it. From the tabletop orientation at 11" tall Wee Stand expands to 49" when full size.


  • TOTALLY SECURE FOR TABLETS, RING BINDERS AND BOOKS UP TO 20LBS – this full size music stand is solidly built so it doesn’t bend or buckle. Unique tabs and swivel clips hold your music firmly and tension-lock legs don't slide down when you play


  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT - made from high-grade carbon fibre and glass filled Nylon for strength and lightness, Wee Stand weighs only 1.21 lbs


  • ANGLE ADJUSTABLE MEDIA PLATE - easy instant angle adjustment - no more thumb screws!!


  • VERSATILE MEDIA PLATE - The media plate can support 1.4lbs  at a 90° angle, or 1.8lbs at a 45°angle when used in a portrait (vertical) position.


✓ 30-Day Money Back Guaruntee

✓ One Year Warranty

Dimensions & Materials




Length (closed)
11.4 in
Height (table-top)
0.25 in
Height (2) 
7.9 in
Height (3)
16.2 in
Height (4)
24 in
32 in
Height (full)
40 in
Width (media plate closed)
3.2 in
Width (media plate open)
8.7 in
1.3 in
Max Weight Capacity
Min. Shelf Height
0 inch
Max Shelf Height
Depth of Media Plate Shelf


*HEIGHT - measured from ground to bottom lip of media plate


Body: PC/ABS +20%GF (20% Recycled)

Legs: Carbon Fiber

Metal: Stainless Steel


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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Marc Western
Very Convenient

Light weight, compact and easy to use.

Woody Witt
Too small

Stand isn’t big enough to hold more than one sheet of music. Designed to tilt and hold ipad. As soon as I put my ipad on it, it falls back into original position. I’m returning it

A very cool accessory for musicians on the go!

Love my wee stand, and it didn’t take long to figure out how to set it up/pack it up.

Ian Nie
Versatile but..

I really like this stand! The only concern is the lightness of the stand. Admittedly the company advice hanging a weight to offer more grounding but it may be more useful to make the stand more solid and weighted, eschewing the lightness for better functionality. I know the cost may be more but it may be worth the gamble for greatest sales in the future. Otherwise, I use it in m studio.

Jeff Peterson
OK, Not Great

Since I often have need to carry my own music stand, the Wee Stand was intriguing, especially due to its low weight. This means it works best indoors, or, if no wind, it could work outdoors. Although the light weight, while extremely convenient from a transportation perspective, makes it much easier to accidentally tip over should it get bumped. In addition, since the legs aren't locked into position horizontally, moving any of them could collapse the stand. The configuration of the legs means that it also takes up more floor space than the usual music stand, collapsible or not. This could be problematic in tight spaces. The width of the stand means that it isn't ideal for more than a single width piece of sheet music. Unless the music is heavy duty paper, there won't be sufficient stiffness to easily view both the left and right edges. It would be helpful to have additional "wings" that could be folded out to support a wider configuration.

Overall, some great ideas that could stand further improvement to make it a worthwhile purchase at the cost. Halve the cost and I would rate it at 4 stars, since it would be a better value.