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"I love the Wee Stand. It’s 19 ounces, fits easily into my bag and with the flick of a wrist, I’m ready to rock and get in tune!"

Life in Tune founder and legendary keyboard player Freddie Ravel of Earth, Wind & Fire, Prince, Madonna and Santana

“When I took the Wee Stand out of the box, I was mind blown by how compact it was... Did I mention that this is probably the lightest piece of gear you will ever own, next to picks and capos?"

Guitar Girl Magazine

"How many times do we see these “awesome products” that pop up easily and then no one can close them or break them down. So not the case here.”

Jamie Marty

"A music student or itinerate musician will now love (instead of loathe) carrying this totally adjustable and cleverly designed music stand.”

Barry Rudolph - New Toys